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Posted: Fri-Apr-2017

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France election: New far right leader quits in Holocaust row
Marine Le Pen's replacement as National Front leader quits over alleged comments. ... read more

German airlines drop safety rule prompted by Germanwings crash
The carriers scrap the two-person policy brought in after the 2015 Germanwings crash. ... read more

Macedonia parliament: Police rebuked by interior ministry over chaos
A mass brawl in and around parliament in Skopje has deepened a political crisis. ... read more

Brexit: Tusk says UK trade deal not a priority
EU leader Donald Tusk says Brexit talks must focus on "people, money and Ireland" - not future trade. ... read more

Russian activist 'has chemical thrown into eyes'
Opposition Yabloko member, Natalia Fedorova, may regain her vision eventually, the party says. ... read more

Montenegro approves Nato membership as Russia protests
Parliament puts the tiny Balkan state on course to join Nato next month, angering Russia. ... read more

Sweden lorry attack claims fifth victim
A 66-year-old Swedish woman dies three weeks after the attack at a shopping area in Stockholm. ... read more

Ilie Nastase: Romania's Fed Cup captain to quit game if punished by ITF
Ilie Nastase says he will quit tennis if he is banned over the derogatory comments he made about Serena William's unborn child. ... read more

Finland's oldest operating ferry given electric motor
The Fori passenger ferry will now use electric power to make its river crossings. ... read more

Pope Francis visits bombed Coptic church during Egypt visit
Francis is on a short visit to Egypt, where he has urged religious leaders to help end violence. ... read more

DR Congo: UN peacekeepers face fresh sexual abuse claims
A Romanian peacekeeper in DR Congo is among five being investigated for sexual abuse and exploitation. ... read more

Niger 'cleared' over Areva uranium deal
A group of MPs says French nuclear giant is solely responsible for a controversial $320m deal. ... read more

Turkey 'wants empathy'
Speaking on Tuesday in Ankara the Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirim, told BBC Hardtalk that Turkey is in a difficult region and is trying to ensure the security of Europe, so Europe and other countries should be thankful and provide encouragement. ... read more

Decoding iconic anti-war art
Eighty years after a bombing inspired Picasso's Guernica, an expert analyses the painting. ... read more

Russia ramps up its military in the Arctic
Steve Rosenberg gains rare access to Russia's Arctic Brigade, close to the border with Finland. ... read more

Natascha Kampusch: 'Freedom felt like a cage'
Natascha Kampusch, held captive in a basement for years, explains her struggles since her release. ... read more

Expats, exports, security
What are the political priorities in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Warsaw? ... read more

'I saw my sister drown'
Most Nigerians are not fleeing conflict but are economic migrants in search of jobs and opportunities. ... read more

'Blue Whale'
With questions over whether the Blue Whale challenge exists, and no confirmed link to reported deaths, how concerned should you be? ... read more

Uphill task
The polls give centrist Emmanuel Macron a 20-point lead, so can Marine Le Pen emerge victorious? ... read more

'No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners,' President says
President Donald Trump declared Friday that an "eight-year assault" on Second Amendment rights had come to a "crashing end" with his election.
... read more

Trump: Don't worry, we'll build the wall
While speaking at the NRA Leadership Forum, President Donald Trump said his proposed border wall will be built, no matter the cost.
... read more

Opinion: NRA speech could mark new gun rights milestone
On Friday, Donald Trump is due to become the first president since Ronald Reagan in 1983 to address the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association. If Trump's speech in Atlanta registers a fraction of the impact of Reagan's, it will mark another milestone in this Indian summer of gun rights.
... read more

Trump has won over conservatives (for now)
One accomplishment for President Donald Trump in his first 100 days: winning over a key group that hasn't always been on his side -- the conservative grassroots.
... read more

Kamala Harris rips up the script
... read more

Howard Stern predicted Trump would miss his old life
... read more

Tad Cummins told wife he slept with teen student, she says
The wife of the former Tennessee teacher accused of running off with a 15-year-old student says she knew the answer but asked anyway.
... read more

Obama says Obamacare is more popular than Trump
Former President Barack Obama hailed the political resilience of his signature health care law at a private event Thursday, pointing out that Obamacare is now more popular than his successor trying to repeal it: President Donald Trump.
... read more

MS-13 is Trump's public enemy No.1, but should it be?
President Donald Trump and his top immigration enforcers have begun to focus their attention on the deadly MS-13 gang, saying the administration's hardline immigration policies are focused on stopping its spread in the US.
... read more

Congress averts shutdown hours before deadline
Congress is voting Friday on a bill to keep the federal government open through next week, averting a shutdown while negotiators hammer out a broader deal to fund agencies through September.
... read more

How Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s wife helped him quit NASCAR
... read more

Inside Trump's tumultuous first days
... read more

Trump rally is 2nd best since JFK
All in all, the stock market performance through President Trump's 100th day in office on Saturday looks impressive.
... read more

N. Korea's chilling mock attack on US
North Korea escalates its aggressive rhetoric against the United States. CNN's Will Ripley reports from Pyongyang, North Korea.
... read more

Report: Hernandez's estate now worth $0
... read more

Victim's family grants killer's wish
Kenneth Williams escaped from an Arkansas prison in 1999 and killed Cecil Boren at his home. Authorities say he later killed Michael Greenwood in a car crash. Williams is scheduled to be executed at the same prison he escaped.
... read more

Iran fast-attack boat nears US destroyer
The U.S. Navy says an Iranian boat was "unprofessional" and "provocative" by coming close to a U.S. destroyer in the Persian Gulf. It's not the first time.
... read more

Type 2 diabetes + being overweight can alter your brain, study says
It's well-known that type 2 diabetes can cause medical complications in certain organs, including the brain. But overweight and obese people with early-stage type 2 diabetes have more severe abnormalities in brain structure and cognition than normal-weight people with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.
... read more

Drugged driving deadlier than drunk driving
Driving under the influence of drugs was deadlier in 2015 than driving while drunk, a new report found. Still, some safety experts caution that drunken driving remains a bigger problem and say that drugged driving needs more research.
... read more

How IVF and adoption changed your lives
On Tuesday, CNN Opinion published "Single, childless and nearing 40, I saw one real option," a personal essay by Sarah Lenti, a political strategist who decided to have children through in vitro fertilization (IVF). She writes: "I am a single mother by choice. Yet I was raised in a Christian, conservative home, where I grew up believing in the traditional family unit. And I was taught that there was an order to achieving it. First, fall in love. Second, marry a man. Third, start a family. Now in my fifth decade, only one has proven true for me -- and it isn't the first."
... read more

Trump to NRA: 'Eight-Year Assault' on Gun Rights Is Over
President Donald Trump promised the NRA gathering in Atlanta that he'd come through for them as they did for him during the 2016 campaign. ... read more

Trump Again Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'
President Donald Trump on Friday told the National Rifle Association's leadership forum that "the eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end." He then returned to one of his most derogatory campaign insults, referring to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" -- a jab at her Native American ancestry. ... read more

Tracking President Trump's Flip-Flops
NBC News is tracking Trump's new policy pronouncements from Election Day forward. Here are the issues that he's flip-flopped on. ... read more

Congress Votes to Keep Government Open One More Week
The House and Senate passed a short-term extension to keep the government operating for one more week, one step in averting a government shutdown. ... read more

Data Dive: What Spicer's Briefing Habits Reveal
NBC News analyzed all of Sean Spicer's formal press briefings in the first 100 days. Here's what we found. ... read more

Sec. Tillerson to UN Security Council: 'Act Before North Korea Does'
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for sanctions on countries trading with North Korea to pressure a dismantling of its nuclear program. ... read more

Trump Thought Job 'Would Be Easier,' Misses Driving
"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going … this is more work than in my previous life," he said in an interview marking his first 100 days. ... read more

Much-Hyped Music Festival Descends Into Total 'Chaos'
"It's every man for himself," one 21-year-old attendee told NBC News. ... read more

Reflections on Covering Gianni Versace's Murder 20 Years Later
It was 20 years ago this summer when Andrew Cunanan began his crime spree. ... read more

Arkansas Execution of Kenneth Williams 'Horrifying': Lawyer
Arkansas executed convicted killer Kenneth Williams on Thursday, who was the fourth inmate put to death in the state in a little more than a week. ... read more

Pentagon: Friendly Fire May Have Led to Army Ranger Deaths
The U.S. forces were working with Afghan fighters and targeting an ISIS compound and tunnel complex when a firefight broke out Wednesday. ... read more

Fitbit Murder Case: Husband Pleads Not Guilty in Wife's Death
Data from the workout tracker poked holes in the suspect's story, documents show. ... read more

Workers Slam 'Insensitive' Plea to Buy Boss a Sailboat
Workers at one of the world's leading art galleries were told they might want to chip in to buy their $214,000 boss a sailing boat. ... read more

Girl Injured on Carnival Ride: 'My Scars Don't Define Me'
It's been nearly a year since 12-year-old Elizabeth Gilreath's scalp was ripped from her head when her hair got caught on a carnival ride. ... read more

The Trump Era Begins: The First 100 Days in Pictures
From strikes in Syria to a "travel ban" and a new justice for the Supreme Court, a lot has happened in President Trump's first 100 days. ... read more

Massive Brawl Engulfs Macedonia's Parliament, 100 Injured
This was not a drunken brawl inside a dive bar, but the chaotic scene inside Macedonia's parliament chamber Thursday night. ... read more

A Good Night's Sleep Could Help You Lose Weight
A former trucker discovers that many of us lack one of the most vital components of a healthy metabolism: sleep. ... read more

Finding Signs of Alien Life Might Be Harder Than We Thought. Here's Why
It will be exceedingly complicated to figure out whether there's actually any life or potential for it on such planets, based on new research into our own evolving world. ... read more

This 'Dragonfly' Could Answer Some Big Questions About Saturn's Largest Moon
An eight-bladed drone could soar across Saturn's moon Titan, exploring multiple sites over the course of decades. ... read more

'We Have to Do Something Now': Lawmakers Push for Weaponized Drones
Weaponized drones represent the future of policing, experts say — and could be a necessary option in moments when innocent lives are at stake. ... read more

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