Five new and two returning Calgary public school board trustees were sworn in on Friday afternoon.

Second-term trustee Trina Hurdman, who represents wards 1 and 2, was elected board chair, and new trustee Marilyn Dennis was elected vice-chair.

The newly elected board of trustees are:

  • Wards 1 & 2: Trina Hurdman (incumbent).
  • Wards 3 & 4: Althea Adams.
  • Wards 5 & 10: Marilyn Dennis.
  • Wards 6 & 7: Lisa Davis.
  • Wards 8 & 9: Richard Hehr.
  • Wards 11 & 13: Julie Hrdlicka (incumbent).
  • Wards 12 & 14: Mike Bradshaw.

Hurdman told CBC News that she's waiting until the board has met a few more times before discussing priorities, but she thinks finance will continue to be a big issue for the Calgary Board of Education. 

Trina Hurdman

Trina Hurdman was first elected as a Calgary public school trustee in 2013. (Bryan Labby/CBC)

"Budgets are always a concern, having supports for our schools, being able to meet the needs of all of our students," she said.

"We have an incredibly diverse and complex system, and we know for the past six of seven years we haven't been funded for growth plus inflation. So every single year we've had to cut our budgets a little more and a little more," Hurdman said.

Hurdman had raised concerns about superintendent pay and pricey rent for the board's admin building during the campaign leading up to the Oct. 16 election.

She said her main concerns this time around will be making sure resources are allocated in the most efficient way possible and ensuring the board maintains a strong two-way dialogue with the province. 

In June, the board announced it would be dipping into its reserves for nearly $10 million in order to balance its budget. 

Trustees were sworn in by John. D. Rooke, associate chief justice of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta at the board's education centre at the downtown Calgary admin building.

The CBE's next public meeting will be held Tuesday at noon.

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