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Updated: 12th June 2018 15:38

Siksika couple camps outside alleged meth dealers' home to fight 'evil spirit'

A husband and wife team in Siksika First Nation in southeast Alberta are camping outside their neighbour's home where they believe meth drug dealers are based.

Cindy and Troy Sitting Eagle watching house and writing down licence plates of visiting vehicles

Residents of Siksika First Nation are camping in their community to track the comings and goings of alleged drug dealers. (Cindy Sitting Eagle)

A husband and wife team in Siksika First Nation in southeast Alberta are camping outside their neighbour's home where they believe meth drug dealers are based.

Around the clock, Cindy and Troy Sitting Eagle have someone watching the house and writing down licence plates of cars that come and go, sometimes every half hour. The watchers then send the information to the RCMP, which has an investigation underway into multiple residents of the house over the drug dealing allegations.

"It is a form of protest but we see it more as a stand, standing against the evil that is being brought out by these individuals," Troy Sitting Eagle told the Calgary Eyeopener on Tuesday.

'Everybody's scared'

Cindy Sitting Eagle said their community, east of Calgary, has changed dramatically as the alleged drug dealing has increased. Recently, she was home alone when a man walked in their door and started asking for an individual, saying he wanted drugs.

The man left when she asked him to and said she would call the police, but it sparked the couple to take non-violent action.

"The effect it's had on our community is that everybody's scared, everybody stays inside," Cindy Sitting Eagle said. "We don't see any children playing in their community."

The couple decided to camp out 24 hours a day for 31 days. On Tuesday, they were on Day Six. Their site has a few tents and a large sign that reads, Meth Kills Siksika Youth.

Troy Sitting Eagle and his wife, Cindy Sitting Eagle, are dedicated to watching the house for 31 days. (Cindy Sitting Eagle)

Sgt. Tyler Codling, from the nearby Gleichen RCMP detachment, said he has been in regular contact with the couple, in particular about facilitating how residents can help police.

"Drugs is one of the most dangerous things going on in the nation," Codling said. "The fact that Cindy and Troy have done something to try and raise awareness of this issue is excellent.

"It's bringing attention to it and the biggest thing police need to fight something like illegal drugs is information from the public."

He wants to make sure they are not putting themselves at risk of retaliation, but he said there is no reason to believe such retaliation is coming.

The Sitting Eagles say reaction from the residents has been limited to a few waves and once there was some swearing through a window during a prayer.

'Fight this evil spirit of meth'

Support is growing in the community and online from across North America, Cindy Sitting Eagle said.

"The support that's coming in, it's just so overwhelming. People are praying for us," she said. "All we're asking is for prayers to fight this evil spirit of meth."

Police say they do not have sufficient evidence to lay charges but are actively investigating the home's residents and visitors on drug dealing allegations. The main resident of the home does not have a history of drug charges.

Other First Nations, Siksika included, have been trying to reduce drug use and related crime. Last month, Siksika councillors banished three non-members from their land for involvement in drug possession and trafficking.

But that has not always been effective. Further south, officials of the Blood Tribe found its banished members enlisted people willing to carry the supply into the community again.

With files from Lisa Robinson and the Calgary Eyeopener.

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