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Updated: 28th April 2017 02:09
04/20/2017 01:51 pm ET

The Internet Is Perplexed About The Budgets On 'House Hunters'

HGTV, you are selling us a LIE.

Picture this: You’re on your couch, pants-less, shoving Gushers in your face while watching hour five of “House Hunters.” Suddenly, you’re screaming at the TV:

“You want a chef’s kitchen, four bedrooms, a sauna, a gift-wrap room AND a 5-car garage, Susan?! For that budget?! PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE.”

HGTV’s “House Hunters” is a ride.

If you, an uneducated person, have never watched “House Hunters,” the show takes viewers on the wondrous journey of following individuals, couples, or families on the search for a new home. 

They set a budget, tell viewers their must-haves (Three bedrooms! A patio! Counter space! No ghosts!), and a real estate agent shows them three houses, from which they eventually choose one for their happily ever after.  But some of those budgets seem, well, a little unrealistic considering the jobs that some people on “House Hunters” have.

Twitter seems to agree and thus has meme-ified the “House Hunters” guests. The format looks like this: 

Please enjoy the following Twitter/”House Hunters”-inspired gold:

Sorry, “House Hunters” is on ― see you guys never!!


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