We Stand With London And Against Bullies

06/05/2017 03:31 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2017

Exactly a century ago, in 1917, the United States joined England as it battled for freedom in Europe. We stood together again in the Second World War.

Today, I want to make sure that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, knows that California still stands in solidarity with his community, which suffered another apparent terrorist attack Saturday.

California shares a lot with London. London has a diverse population of millions of people that swells each year with millions of tourists. Khan and I are about the same age, both natives of a major metropolis, both the descendants of immigrants.

Sadly, California has also experienced a horrendous attack – the mass shootings of San Bernardino in 2015.

When Sadiq Khan expressed sorrow for the most recent attack on London, he also showed support for the military and police, condemned the attack as barbaric and aimed to reassure Londoners that they need not panic.

This is exactly what a leader should do – not indiscriminately shoot off a loose Twitter cannon aimed in the direction of those most recently aggrieved.

When President Trump attacked Mr. Khan, Trump’s attitude was the opposite of Britain’s “Keep Calm and Carry On” – the mantra when London was besieged by the Luftwaffe.

Trump is the master of “Keep Wrong and Bully On.”

Like the humbug Wizard of Oz, he bullies to divert from his own weaknesses. Unlike the Wizard, who is revealed to be a refugee himself, Trump is unlikely to turn out benign in the end.

In California, we’ve seen behind Trump’s curtain.

Ignoring his “great and powerful” bluster, we continue to protect our immigrants and build a green economy – protecting our environment and building international agreements.

I’m sure Sadiq Khan and the Londoners who elected him also see behind the facades and recognize the real enemies.

Californians will speak up in support, whenever there is a city attacked by extremist violence – whether it takes place in San Bernardino or London, Paris or Kabul, Istanbul or Charleston.

We will continue to pursue policies to do helpful things for people, not do hurtful things to them.

That is our strength.

Anthony Rendon is Speaker of the California State Assembly and represents the 63rd Assembly District in Southeast Los Angeles County. Follow him on Twitter @Rendon63rd.