Americans spend one third of their lives in bed, but as a nation, we still aren’t getting enough sleep. As a result of chronic under-rest, our wellbeing is eroding. To bring awareness -- and solutions -- to this public health issue, The Huffington Post has partnered with Sleep Number® to present Sleep + Wellness, an editorial section dedicated to empowering readers to live their best, healthiest lives by gaining a better understanding of sleep as a crucial pillar of our well-being. By taking an all-encompassing, personalized approach to wellness, and educating readers on how sleep connects to fitness, work-life balance, and more, Sleep + Wellness aims to take the stress out of sleep, for good. To contribute, please email

Sleep Wellness

Tired of Being Tired? How to Re-Energize and Be Happy


Changing Bad Sleep Habits

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Make Way For Sleep

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For Better Health, Think Paleo Lighting

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